COVID-19: Coronavirus – Adapting to a new environment

Updated 20th April 2020

In these extraordinary times, King Lifting is constantly reviewing the fast-moving situation with our supply partners, clients and across the construction industry to support the national effort of preventing the spread of COVID-19. While social distancing is fundamentally a public health measure introduced to reduce the spread of infection, we recognise the concerns raised on social distancing within the workplace and are reviewing guidance from Public Health England (PHE) and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) daily.
Where King Lifting has identified hazards, we have conducted a thorough risk assessment and implemented a safe working procedure. This ensures the hierarchy of control is fully implemented in managing the COVID-19 risk posed, as is required by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) the enforcing authority of the CLC Guidance. King Lifting will control public health risks, ensuring all staff that must isolate, shield and social distance have the time, resource, and information to do so. King Lifting have ensured provision of specific advice to all staff and clients as is required.
The UK Government do require King Lifting to keep our business open, as an essential service provider to the energy, infrastructure, renewable power, telecoms, highways, and construction industry sectors. King Lifting’s specialist services provide key support ensuring the nation’s power generation, utilities, telecoms, and travel infrastructure remain operational during these challenging times. To do so King Lifting must align its operations to the UK Government’s guidance regarding COVID-19. King Lifting have implemented measures to mitigate risk to its staff, clients, their families, and the wider public health. We have taken every possible step to facilitate our employees working from home. Where it is not be possible to work from home King Lifting are proactively working with Government bodies including PHE, CLC and HSE.
King Lifting’s operational staff are recognised as critical workers and King Lifting have and will continue to invest in resources and controls to follow CLC guidelines on social distancing (including, where possible, maintaining a 2 metre distance from others), and hygiene (washing hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds). To allow King Lifting staff to carry out our essential work safely, the following overriding considerations have been implemented:
  • the health, safety, and wellbeing of the public and our employees will be the primary considerations in whatever we do,
  • it is accepted that King Lifting provides an essential service relying on a critical workforce to do so
  • we have an obligation to society to try to find a way to safely continue to operate
  • safeguard the wider economy, although this is a secondary consideration to health and safety of both the public and those employed by King Lifting
  • King Lifting during this unprecedented event will develop, resource, and deploy controls to ensure safe working practices at all times and follow PHE and CLC guidance so far as is reasonably practicable

The QEHS Department’s purpose is to support the business, our staff and our clients preventing work-related death, injury, and illness. These are exceptional times, presenting exceptional challenges and the entire construction industry must comply with current advice and guidelines, as set out by the UK Government. COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic making this an unprecedented period in living history, the pandemic has significant impacts on day to day operations of the entire UK construction industry, which King Lifting Ltd are a significant specialist contractor.

The UK Government, Public Health England and the Construction Leadership Council are providing daily updates, advice, and guidance during this pandemic. King Lifting are tracking and keeping pace with the best strategic and operational guidance available. King Lifting’s senior management team will ensure we are protecting our workforce, our clients and others who may affected by our operations in line with the current guidance. King Lifting have a duty of care to minimise the risk and spread of the virus so far as reasonably practicable, whilst supporting the UK Government.
Since our last communication, our approach to dealing with COVID-19, has changed following UK Government announcements. King Lifting will communicate all new guidance, safe systems of work and assessments to all staff for each update, our updates will only be sent to clients on a project by project basis or upon request. We are now told that this is not going to be over quickly, and we must prepare for what could be a very challenging period ahead. King Lifting is committed to doing the best for our staff and the wider community at large hence we kindly ask for you to do your bit for yourselves, your colleagues, your families, and the company for the greater good.
Should you need any further information in relation to this statement or any other safety matter, please contact Mark Townsend QEHS Director at King Lifting: email

Mark Townsend

QEHS Direct