Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility at King Lifting

This policy further enhances the standards laid down in the company handbook and all processes and procedures within its Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety (QEHS) Management systems.King Lifting Limited (the company) have adopted their own business principles and code of conduct for corporate responsibility which set out their commitment to acting with integrity and in a professional and fair way in the course of doing business.

The company also expects that anyone doing work for, or on behalf of the company and any suppliers to promote the application of this policy, providing equivalent protection to this policy throughout their own supply chain. The company will take appropriate action if it believes its standards are not being observed.

The key elements of the company’s policy are fundamental to its business dealings and its relationship with its Suppliers.

Business principles/code of conduct:

  • The company has a set of business principles and / or a code of conduct that applies across the company which establishes the minimum standards to which the company will operate.
  • Such business principles include a commitment to operate with professionalism and integrity.
  • Such business principles commit the Supplier to manage the social, environmental and ethical impact of its business.

Focusing on health, safety and security

  • The company has a robust health and safety management system in place including but not limited to
    • Policy,
    • Board level accountability,
    • Measuring, and reporting.

Suppliers’ Health & safety management systems should preferably be based on externally verified international standards such as ISO.

Tackling climate change and environmental impact

Suppliers are required to actively manage their own environmental impact and where possible, help the company to meet its environmental goals.
The Supplier needs to confirm that it has a robust environmental management system in place including but not limited to its commitment to reduce its impact on the environment. To achieve this it;

  • Has board level accountability for environmental impact; and
  • Undertakes detailed measuring and reporting of its environmental impact.

Suppliers’ Environment management systems should preferably be based on externally recognised standards such as ISO or EMAS.

Respecting human rights

Unless otherwise required or prohibited by law, the company confirms that, to the best of its knowledge:

  • it does not employ engage or otherwise use any child labour in circumstances such that the tasks performed by any such child labour could reasonably be foreseen to cause either physical or emotional impairment to the development of such child;
  • It provides a safe and healthy workplace, presenting no immediate hazards to its employees. The company provides access to clean water, food, and emergency healthcare to its employees in the event of accidents or incidents at the companies or supplier’s workplace;
  • It does not discriminate against any employees on any ground (including race, religion, disability or gender).
  • It does not engage in or support the use of corporal punishment, mental, physical, sexual or verbal abuse and does not use cruel or abusive disciplinary practices in the workplace;
  • It pays each employee at least the minimum wage, or a fair representation of the prevailing industry wage, (whichever is the higher) and provides each employee with all legally mandated benefits;
  • It complies with the laws on working hours and employment rights;
  • It is respectful of its employees’ right to join and form independent trade unions and freedom of association.

The company has ethical and human rights policies and an appropriate complaints procedure to deal with any breaches of such policies, as explained in the companies, employee handbook and QEHS management systems.

Ensuring integrity in our business transactions

The Company has a zero tolerance policy to bribery and corruption.

The company will not:

  • Offer, promise or give a financial or other advantage to another person or business with the intention to induce or reward that person to perform improperly a relevant function or activity (“Bribing”).
  • Request, agree to receive or accept a financial advantage for the improper performance of a relevant function or activity (Being bribed”)
  • Bribe a foreign public official with the intent to influence the official and obtain or retain business or an advantage in the conduct of business (”Bribing a foreign public official”)

And will not tolerate or accept any such behaviour from its suppliers.
The Supplier, therefore, warrants that

  • It will comply with all relevant bribery legislation
  • Prohibits bribes of any form as described above, including kickback payments and facilitation payments
  • It will not use gifts or donations, politically or otherwise, to influence a stakeholder or business partner.
  • It will not, in its relationship with the Company (including its employees and contractors), offer excessive gifts, hospitality or donations or seek to obtain a non-legitimate business advantage with gifts, hospitality or donations.
  • Diversity and Inclusion

The company confirms that

  • it will recruit people on the basis of
    • The qualifications and abilities needed to do the job, while promoting diversity and development throughout our business.
    • It will not permit and be involved in any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace
  • Local impact

The company confirms that it will manage its social and economic impact on local stakeholders and communities, as and when the need arises. This will be done via
communication meetings.

  • Dealing openly and fairly

The company confirms that it will be open, transparent and fair in its communications and dealings with its own business partners and other stakeholders affected by its supply chain activities and will take reasonable steps to ensure that it fulfils the payment terms and other conditions agreed with its business partners.

  • Responding to feedback

The company confirms that it will be responsive to any concerns raised by the customers, members of the public and stakeholders, through the company’s procurement and supplier management process.