King Lifting awarded SCS Gold Certificate for exceptional performance on the HS2 projects

King Lifting has obtained a High Speed Blue Gold Certificate for demonstrating exceptional performance on the HS2 projects. 

The certificate from SCS Railways is for our involvement on the Main Works Lots S1 and S2 project in the last two consecutive quarters.  

Martin New, Head of London Crane Operations, said: “King Lifting has been supplying cranes on a large scale across the HS2 Programme. We are proud to have received this award which recognises the highest standards delivered by our colleagues working on the projects, with flexibility and a positive outlook to exceed our customer requirements.” 

Watch first person drone footage of the launch of the third HS2 tunnelling machine. 

The Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) named ‘Lydia’, which weighs around 1,000 tonnes and is 150m in length, is being used to drill an 852m-long logistics tunnel for HS2. 

This particular machine was previously used to dig the Elizabeth Underground line tunnels; however, it has been transformed for use on this project. 

Once complete, this tunnel will help reduce carbon emissions across the capital on this section, eliminating thousands of lorry journeys and transporting materials at much quicker pace.  

King Lifting is well equipped to assist the rail industry, having been previously contracted to remove a tunnel boring machine (TBM) from a National Grid London power tunnel shaft at its Wimbledon site in August 2022.  

King Lifting takes delivery of record breaking Liebherr mobile crane

King Lifting has taken delivery of a new Liebherr 300 tonne LTM 1300-6.3 which has a massive 90-meter telescopic boom, the longest in its capacity class.

The LTM 1300-6.3 has also set a new world record – a mobile crane which can carry a complete 90 metre (295 ft) telescopic boom on public roads. It is a versatile and economical fast-erecting crane, featuring all the latest Liebherr innovations to ensure safe, powerful crane operations.

Key features include:

  • 90-meter telescopic boom
  • 120-meter tip height with fly jib
  • Variable counterweight slew
  • Greater wind speed working ranges
  • Ability to travel with up to 22 tonnes of counterweight in the UK
  • Six axle carrier
  • ECOmode and ECOdrive
  • Stage 5 engine

Managing Director of King Lifting, Tristan King, said: “We are very pleased to take delivery of this innovative new crane which further supports our company growth strategy. This crane has been designed to be the market leader of mobiles for tower crane erection and dismantles along with lifting mechanical plant onto high rise buildings.  This crane will undoubtedly be an asset within our fleet.”

A further LTM 1300-6.3 will be delivered in October this year.

King Lifting adds new eco-performance DAF trucks to its fleet

King Lifting has taken delivery of five new DAF XF 530 FTT 6 x 4 tractor units that have been specially adapted for a 150-tonne capacity.

The units are fully compliant with the latest Euro 6 Emissions standard – including the latest onboard diagnostic systems to ensure ongoing compliance. The trucks feature a fuel-efficient setting, which is automatically selected, and the engine will shut down after five minutes of idling.

Electronic vehicle stability control (VSC) improves directional stability, providing additional roll over safety. Furthermore, the direct vision system, which consists of blind spot and rear-view cameras, as well as ultra-sonic sensors enhances the safety of vulnerable road users.

Managing Director, Tristan King, said: “A focus on acquiring units that prioritised fuel efficiency and drivability was important to consider. As a responsible and sustainable business, we take seriously our role in reducing our impacts on the environment and we know that this is important to the businesses we work with too.”

King Lifting was established in 1982 by chairman Bob King and is currently the UK’s largest family-owned crane rental company.

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