King Lifting Operating with Coronavirus


Updated 1st December 2020

King Lifting have remained operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, has supported the NHS and other critical UK infrastructure projects, and has assisted client organisations in developing controls in coping with the pandemics affects to their businesses. Whilst we are proud of our staff, the efforts and sacrifices made which have been widely appreciated. King Lifting continue to keep abreast of the current guidance as we progress through the COVID-19 pandemic as a country. As a result, we continue to take proactive actions to protect clients, visitors, contractors, our staff, and their families with ongoing risk assessments and control measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.
King Lifting’s Senior Leadership Team monitor the advice and guidance issued by Public Health England and the UK Government on the COVID-19 situation daily. Obviously, this is a fluid situation and as such King Lifting may take decisions without prior notification to clients and or suppliers solely for the wellbeing of our own workforce and families. King Lifting have a duty of care to share our approach in dealing with COVID-19. The following guidance outlines our controls in broad terms, more detailed and up to date COVID assessments and controls will be in place on the intranet, noticeboards and via staff PDA devices etc. This document is not to provide health, medical or hygiene advice, however we will continue to circulate this general information to keep all staff informed.
King Lifting will ensure that:
  • All fixed locations are locked preventing unauthorised access
  • Homeworking facilitation for all office-based staff
  • Site specific risk assessments / controls updated regularly
  • Improved and increased workplace hygiene at all fixed locations
  • Vehicle cleaning regime established
  • Microsoft Teams meetings established for all staff
  • NHS Track & Trace established for all fixed locations
  • Exceptional travel advisory / restrictions imposed
  • Office Pre-entry temperature recording established
  • Enforcement of Work / Buddy Bubbles
  • Reduced staff numbers at fixed locations
  • All workspaces are COVID safe
  • Non-contact delivery acceptance procedures at all fixed locations
Site specific details may vary from site to site and in accordance with the UK Government tier system as is published, site specific changes will be available on each site upon request. Should you need any further information in relation to this statement then please contact Mark Townsend QEHS Director at King Lifting: email

Mark Townsend

QEHS Direct