Crane Hire & Specialised Equipment for Lifting & Transport


King Lifting operate a modern fleet of over 100 All Terrain, Tower and Crawler cranes with capacities from 8 tonnes upwards.
All our machines are operated by CPCS qualified and competent personnel, ensuring our ability to tackle all types of lifting, regardless of restricted access or stringent timetable.


If your organisation does not have expertise in lifting operations you should consider a contract Lift. Further information is given in Contract Lifting.


Mobile Cranes 8 – 100 tonnes

Kinglifting hire mobile cranes (8-100 tonne) capacity. Wide range of reliable, modern plant and great service from your local depot.
All cranes are “mobile”  and can be ready to operate within 20 mins of reaching site.

Heavy Cranes 130 – 1000 tonnes

Kinglifting hire heavy cranes (130 –  1000 tonne) capacity. Reliable, modern plant with high availability and great service from your local depot.

Transport Services

King Lifting has a fleet of low loaders, semi low loaders, flat bed vehicles and lorry loader cranes to transport abnormal loads in the UK and across Europe.

Crane Hire or Contract Lifting

8-80 tonne cranes

  • 8te Tadano TS 75M/L
  • 25te Kato CR-250 (City Crane)
  • 30te Terex/Demag AC30 (City Crane)
  • 40te Terex/Demag AC40-2L
  • 40te Terex/Demag AC40-1 (City Crane)
  • 60te Grove GMK 3055
  • 60te Terex/Demag AC60-3L
  • 70te Terex/Demag AC70 (City Crane)
  • 80te Terex/Demag AC80-2


130 – 500 tonne cranes

    • 130te Grove GMK 5130
    • 140te Terex Demag AC140-1
    • 200te Terex/Demag AC200-1
    • 250te Terex/Demag AC250-1
    • 350te Terex Demag AC350-6
    • 500te Liebherr LTM1500 9te Spierings SK 599-AT5
    • 10te Spierings SK 1265-AT6
    • 18te Spierings SK 2400-AT7
    • 3.8te Maeda Compact Crane

Specialised Lifting Equipment

  • 3000kg Caterpillar VC60E Forklift @ 500mm
  • 5000kg Caterpillar VC110F Forklift @ 500mm
  • 5500kg Mitsubishi FGC55K Forklift @ 600mm
  • 6050kg Caterpillar T150D Forklift @ 600mm
  • 7000kg Hyster Spacesaver S7.00XL Forklift @ 600mm
  • 15880kg Versa-Lift 25/35 @ 610mm Extended Ballast
  • 27300kg Versa-Lift 40/60 @ 915mm Extended Ballast
  • 100te Power Lift System

Transport & Trailer Hire


  • 150te MAN TGX 26.540 6×4 BBS
  • 150te MAN TGX 33.480 6×4 BBS
  • 90te MAN TGX 26.480 6X4 BLS
  • 10.2te Scania Rigid 8×4 + Fassi Crane S660A
  • 10.2te Scania Rigid 8×4 + Fassi Crane S660A
  • 14.0te Scania Rigid 8×4 + Palfinger Crane 35000B
  • 11te DAF FTG85CF 380 Rigid 6×4 + Atlas Crane
  • 3.0te Mercedes Attego 815 Rigid Flatbed with Side Board


Plant no Trailers

  • K1 ARB Semi-Low-loader Tri-Axle
  • K2 King 6 Axle Ballast Trailer
  • K4 King 6 Axle Ballast Trailer
  • K5 SDC 45-70ft Tri-Axle Flatbed Extendable
  • K6 Overlander TPT36E Euroliner 13.2m Tri-Axle
  • K8 McCauley c279917 Tri-Axle Drag Trailer
  • K9 McCauley c281241 Tri-Axle Drag Trailer
  • K10 King 5 Axle Ballast Trailer
  • K11 Nooteboom 5 Axle Plant Trailer
  • K12 Broshuis 5 Axle Ballast Trailer