Mobile Tower Cranes

King Lifting has integrated into its fleet the new folding tower cranes. These folding tower cranes are able to tackle lifts in urban areas with confined sites and the associated phased developments.

Available as both mobile and pedestrian operated/self erecting cranes.

Tower Crane Hire Solutions

Our experienced survey teams are available to offer consultation and advise on this type of lift, which benefits from:

  • Greater functionality than traditional tower and mobile cranes
  • 18min erection time for Spierings mobile crane
  • Reduced need for road closures, site and neighbourhood disruptions
  • Spierings range of mobile tower cranes
  • Tower crane erection services
  • Full 3D CAD planning /feasibility studies


All Terrain
Hydraulic Folding Crane

  • Max Capacity 9 tons
  • Max jib length 50 mtr
  • Max tower height 34 mtr


All Terrain
Hydraulic Folding Crane

  • Max Capacity 10 tons
  • Max jib length 60 mtr
  • Max tower height 36.8 mtr