Specialised Equipment Services

Crane Lifts, Gantry Systems & Compact Crane Hire

With a wide range of modern and reliable equipment, and depots around the UK,  King Lifting can provide specialised solutions for your installations and lifting problems. Find out more about us.

Versa Lifts

Versa lifts can move large machine tools quickly without removing guards,cutting costly downtime.

Power Lift Gantry Systems

Power lift gantry systems enable the movement of machinery with restricted headroom.

Compact Cranes

A new technology at only 750mm wide, compact cranes are able to enter a premises through a doorway, then lift 2.82t, with a max radius of 8.2m and height 8.7m.

Mini Crawler Cranes

With full 360° rotation, pick and carry duties and almost no tail-swing these mini crawler tracked cranes are ideal for urban, small scale and phased developments.

Lifting Equipment

King Lifting have a range lifting equipment for hire, including:

  • modular lifting beams up to 100t capacity
  • manbaskets
  • boat slings
  • outriggermats
  • Pallet Forks
  • Blocks Grab