Boasting unparalleled capabilities, the new Spierings SK1265-AT6 eLift crane is not only the biggest Spierings mobile tower crane on the market, but it also has an innovative Zero Emission e-lift system.

With a working radius of up to 60 meters and a lifting capacity of 1.7 tonnes, the SK1265-AT6 eLift delivers optimal performance. With a maximum lifting capacity of 10 tonnes at a radius of 13.2 meters, the crane can be set up in just 11 minutes upon arrival at site.

Dean Austin, General Manager of Crane Operations at King Lifting, says: “Investing in the Spierings SK1265-AT6 signifies our commitment to sustainability and efficiency. This acquisition not only enhances our operational capabilities but also demonstrates our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint. With its advanced technology and impressive performance metrics, this crane sets a new standard in the industry, allowing us to deliver exceptional service while minimising environmental impact.”

The Zero-emission eLift system offers two dynamic operating modes: electrical and hybrid. This allows King Lifting operators to switch seamlessly between power sources, whether grid or diesel, whilst maintaining peak efficiency. The innovative PowerPack® battery technology used also absorbs energy spikes, ensuring uninterrupted performance while keeping emissions at bay.

For information on hiring this crane please contact the King Lifting reservations team