King Lifting takes delivery of new Spierings SK1265-AT6 eLift mobile self-erecting tower crane


Boasting unparalleled capabilities, the new Spierings SK1265-AT6 eLift crane is not only the biggest Spierings mobile tower crane on the market, but it also has an innovative Zero Emission e-lift system.

With a working radius of up to 60 meters and a lifting capacity of 1.7 tonnes, the SK1265-AT6 eLift delivers optimal performance. With a maximum lifting capacity of 10 tonnes at a radius of 13.2 meters, the crane can be set up in just 11 minutes upon arrival at site.

Dean Austin, General Manager of Crane Operations at King Lifting, says: “Investing in the Spierings SK1265-AT6 signifies our commitment to sustainability and efficiency. This acquisition not only enhances our operational capabilities but also demonstrates our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint. With its advanced technology and impressive performance metrics, this crane sets a new standard in the industry, allowing us to deliver exceptional service while minimising environmental impact.”

The Zero-emission eLift system offers two dynamic operating modes: electrical and hybrid. This allows King Lifting operators to switch seamlessly between power sources, whether grid or diesel, whilst maintaining peak efficiency. The innovative PowerPack® battery technology used also absorbs energy spikes, ensuring uninterrupted performance while keeping emissions at bay.

For information on hiring this crane please contact the King Lifting reservations team

King Lifting takes delivery of record breaking Liebherr mobile crane

King Lifting has taken delivery of a new Liebherr 300 tonne LTM 1300-6.3 which has a massive 90-meter telescopic boom, the longest in its capacity class.

The LTM 1300-6.3 has also set a new world record – a mobile crane which can carry a complete 90 metre (295 ft) telescopic boom on public roads. It is a versatile and economical fast-erecting crane, featuring all the latest Liebherr innovations to ensure safe, powerful crane operations.

Key features include:

  • 90-meter telescopic boom
  • 120-meter tip height with fly jib
  • Variable counterweight slew
  • Greater wind speed working ranges
  • Ability to travel with up to 22 tonnes of counterweight in the UK
  • Six axle carrier
  • ECOmode and ECOdrive
  • Stage 5 engine

Managing Director of King Lifting, Tristan King, said: “We are very pleased to take delivery of this innovative new crane which further supports our company growth strategy. This crane has been designed to be the market leader of mobiles for tower crane erection and dismantles along with lifting mechanical plant onto high rise buildings.  This crane will undoubtedly be an asset within our fleet.”

A further LTM 1300-6.3 will be delivered in October this year.

King Lifting adds new eco-performance DAF trucks to its fleet

King Lifting has taken delivery of five new DAF XF 530 FTT 6 x 4 tractor units that have been specially adapted for a 150-tonne capacity.

The units are fully compliant with the latest Euro 6 Emissions standard – including the latest onboard diagnostic systems to ensure ongoing compliance. The trucks feature a fuel-efficient setting, which is automatically selected, and the engine will shut down after five minutes of idling.

Electronic vehicle stability control (VSC) improves directional stability, providing additional roll over safety. Furthermore, the direct vision system, which consists of blind spot and rear-view cameras, as well as ultra-sonic sensors enhances the safety of vulnerable road users.

Managing Director, Tristan King, said: “A focus on acquiring units that prioritised fuel efficiency and drivability was important to consider. As a responsible and sustainable business, we take seriously our role in reducing our impacts on the environment and we know that this is important to the businesses we work with too.”

King Lifting was established in 1982 by chairman Bob King and is currently the UK’s largest family-owned crane rental company.

King Lifting takes delivery of seven new Liebherr all-terrain cranes

King Lifting has taken delivery of seven new Liebherr all-terrain cranes, three 60 tonne, three axle LTM1060-3.1s; two 90 tonne, four axle LTM1090-4.2s; a 150 tonne, five axle LTM1150-5.3; and a 230 tonne LTM1230-5.1. Another LTM1090-4.2 is due to arrive later in the year.

The cranes are part of a 19-unit order, the third such multiple order from King Lifting since 2018. The remaining deliveries of this latest order will run through until 2024.  

Managing Director, Tristan King said: “We are very pleased to take ongoing deliveries of our new cranes which further support our service vision and growth strategy. The mix of new models and capacities further demonstrates our commitment to both existing and new clients, enabling us to provide a complete range of equipment, whist ensuring that we operate and offer the most economical cranes in the market, further reducing our carbon output.”

King Lifting was established in 1982 by chairman Bob King and is currently the UK’s largest family-owned crane rental company.

Photo: The Liebherr LTM1060 3.1

19 new Liebherrs for King Lifting at 40

UK crane hire company, King Lifting, has placed an order for 19 new Liebherr cranes – including three 700 tonne LTM 1650-8.1s – as it celebrates 40 years in business.

The order also includes a 350 tonne six axle LTM1350-6.1, two six axle 300 tonne LTM1300-6.3, a 230 tonne, five axle LTM1230-5.1, three 150 tonne five axle LTM1150-5.3, three four axle 90 tonne LTM1090-4.2 and six three axle 60 tonne LTM1060-3.1. Deliveries will begin next month and continue until 2024.

The LTM 1650-8.1s fit nicely between the company’s 500 and 750 tonne Liebherr LTMs. It has an 80 metre boom which can be topped with a 21 to 91 metre luffing jib and Y-guy system for a maximum tip height of 155 metres and a maximum radius of 112 metres. Power comes from a Stage V diesel with EcoDrive and EcoMode systems to help reduce fuel consumption, noise and emissions. Other features include Liebherr’s VarioBase outrigger set up system and VarioBallast adjustable counterweight.

The six axle single engine LTM1300-6.3 have 90 metre main booms and include the updated VarioBase Plus outrigger set-up system. Maximum counterweight is 88 tonnes and the crane can operate with eight tonnes less ballast than the 300 tonne LTM1300-6.2 version without affecting capacities.

The 150 tonne LTM 1150-5.1 have 66 metre booms and bi-fold swingaway extensions that can be extended with a seven metre insert to provide a maximum tip height of almost 95 metres and a maximum radius of 72 metres. They are also equipped with Liebherr’s engine shutdown system for work in oil, gas and petrochemical applications.

Managing director Tristan King said: “We are delighted to place this order with Liebherr in our 40th year of trading to support our continued growth and renewal programme, further strengthening our position in the UK crane rental sector. This latest investment, in addition to our existing fleet, further enables King Lifting to service our clients across all sectors with the latest Stage V power units, whilst ensuring the business meets its ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. All new cranes will be available to hire throughout the UK.”

Family owned King Lifting is based in Bristol, south west England, and was established in 1982 by Bob King – an experienced crane operator – who is now chairman, having handed over most of the day to day duties to the second generation. The company has grown steadily over the years and now operates from nine locations in England with 200+ staff and runs a fleet of 126 cranes including all terrains, towers and crawler cranes with capacities from eight to 1,000 tonnes, making it the second largest crane rental company in the UK after Ainscough.

The latest order follows an order for nine Liebherr cranes last year and is added to an order placed at the end of 2018 for 22 Liebherr cranes

King Lifting takes delivery of new Spiering SK1265-AT6 mobile self-erecting tower crane

King Lifting has taken delivery of a new Spiering SK1265-AT6 mobile self-erecting tower crane.  The key specifications of this crane are:

  • Maximum load capacity of: 10,000 kg (up to 13.2 meters radius)
  • Maximum radius: 60 metres
  • Tip load: 1700 kg
  • Tower height: 37.2 metres
  • Maximum lifting height: 64.2 metres (30° luffed jib)

For reservations throughout the UK or any further information, please contact us: 01895 446443.


King Lifting adds two 100 tonne Liebherr LTR 1100 telescopic crawler cranes

Key advantages of the Liebherr LTR 1100:

  • Stage V engine (low emissions)
  • Short rigging time
  • Self-ballasting
  • 52m telescopic boom
  • Telescopic duties
  • Pick and carry full load
  • Crane operation with side inclination up to 4°
  • Travel grade-ability 46%

Central reservations

01179 821 121


King Lifting adds 450 tonne Liebherr LTM1450-8.1 mobile crane into fleet

This crane comes equipped with Variable outrigger base and counterweight along with a 85 meter telescopic main boom.

For hire across the UK, please contact our Heavy Cranes division on: 0117 982 1121.

You can also download the spec here.


New Liebherr LTM1090-4.2 90ft crane

King Lifting is pleased to announce that we have now taken delivery of our first new Liebherr LTM1090-4.2 with a further four due for delivery in the early part of 2019.

Some of the key features of this machine are:

  • 60m main boom
  • Operation in higher wind speed due to four selectable pre-set max wind speeds – across all load charts
  • Narrow chassis 2.55m
  • All cwt carried
  • Variable out rigger base (Variobase)
  • Vario Ballast

For further information please contact King Lifting on: 01179 821121 or


King Lifting buys new Mercedez Benz Arocs

Mercedes Benz Arocs 3363 models with flat-floored big space cabs and high torque, 460KW (625HP) in-line six cylinder engines with the wear free and fuel efficient turbo retarder clutch, which works in conjunction with the 16 speed Mercedes power shift 3 automated transmission.

The turbo retarder clutch offers fine control characteristics, which is of real benefit to our operation as a lot of the sites we work on are often very tight with uneven ground, the truck is easy to manoeuvre at low speeds.


King Lifting takes delivery of Maeda MC405CRM-E

The Maeda MC405CRM-E has a maximum lifting capacity of 3830 KG and 500 KG pick and carry duty, its maximum lifting height is 16.8 metres and 20.7 metres with the option fly jib.

A very popular crane providing lifting solutions all over the world.

For more information contact King Lifting on: 01179821121 or


King Lifting buys two new Liebherr all terrain cranes

King Lifting has taken delivery of two new Liebherr all terrain cranes. A LTM1130-5.1 (130t) and a LTM1060-3.1 (60t) were delivered in March.

Both cranes are fully equipped with fly jib and VarioBase outrigger duties.

The additional purchases takes King Lifting’s total mobile crane rental fleet to over 103 cranes. Within the fleet, King Lifting now operates 12 LTM1060-3.1 and 2 x LTM1130-5.1 all terrain cranes.

For further information, please call: 01179 821121


King Lifting takes delivery of new LTM1750-9.1

King Lifting has taken delivery of a new Liebherr LTM1750-9.1. The crane has been bought with 204 tonne of counterweight and a 91m luffing jib. The crane will be available for hire throughout Europe.

The crane went straight to work rigged with the 204 tonne counterweight and 51m main boom including Y-guying to install a 108 tonne tank section. The crane was then mobilised to carry out maintenance work on a wind turbine where King lifting also supplied a Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 and a Grove GMK5130-2.

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