Specialist transport

King Lifting is one of the country’s leading companies specialising in heavy haulage, crane hire, machinery installation and removal. With a variety of transport solutions available, we help our clients increase project efficiency, saving time and money.

Why King Lifting?

Efficient and safe transport is an essential part of any infrastructure or construction project. Ensuring the timely delivery of large components allows projects to run smoothly without delay.

King Lifting thoroughly plan delivery routes in advance of the project ensuring all obstacles have been considered and transportation is not held up. We liaise with all necessary authorities to have full approval in place for the transport of abnormal loads, as well as ensure that all regulatory aspects are considered and adhered to.

Specialist transport solutions:

  • Heavy haulage up to 150 tonne capacity
  • Low loader trailers
  • Semi-low loader trailers
  • Flatbed extendible trailers
  • Curtain side or tautliner trailer
  • Lorry loader cranes with a 65 tonne capacity
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